Focusing on Health: Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology

Focusing on Health: Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology

by Derek Weber, Ph.D.
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ISBN: 978-1-64386-052-7

Author: Derek Weber, Ph.D.

This manual provides microbiology students with clinically relevant, real-world learning opportunities set within the framework of the microbiology laboratory. Each exercise contains a Focusing on Health section that interweaves material from the laboratory with applications in public health and/or the clinic. These vignettes aim to build student interest and connections, consistent with recommendations from the Vision and Change report. For instructors, this integration creates the opportunity for productive discussion of the impact of microbes on human health throughout the term.

Outstanding Features:

  • Illustrations That Instruct: Professional, full-color illustrations are designed to teach difficult concepts.
  • Full-Color Photographs: Expected Results sections contain high-quality photographs and intentionally placed information boxes to assist students in interpreting results.
  • Clear Organization: Each exercise is predictably organized into the following sections: Learning Objectives, Underlying Theory, Focusing on Health, Materials and Procedure, Expected Results, References, and Review Your Understanding Assessments.
  • Investigative Exercises: A unit on definitive diagnosis tasks students with designing an experimental approach to identifying unknown bacteria.
  • Gradable Assessments: Assessments, aligned with stated learning outcomes, are available within the manual and for integration with most Learning Management Systems.
  • Student Safety: Biosafety-level 1 (BSL-1) bacteria are used throughout the manual in support of teaching labs not equipped to use BSL-2, with few exceptions.

About the Author

Derek Weber, Ph.D.
Derek Weber has been a professor of biology and microbiology for years and is currently working at Raritan Valley Community College in Somerville, NJ. He's been recognized for in work in instructional technology and continues to use that work to create real-world application for students studying basic microbiology.

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